What We Do

Women Creating Change

Women Creating Change

Scholarships for women and grants to create change for families and community are at the heart of what we do.

Heritage Committee

Because we believe that women can be leaders in society to develop a better world for everyone.

The Woman’s Club of Jacksonville supports the development of
special programs that give guidance and support for women in
the following categories.

  • Literary development in reading with an appreciation for poetry and classic literature
  • Music appreciation for a variety of opportunities to experience the classics
  • Nutrition education at all ages
  • Advanced education in a variety of areas to develop a skill for many occupations with special jobs related to medicine and education.
  • Create grants to encourage a life skill to develop the betterment of women which will support the society in which we live

2022 - 2023 Scholarship Recipients

Grant Application

The Woman's Club of Jacksonville is offering two (2) Grant Categories during their fiscal year from  June 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024.  Only one (1) category may be applied for during the fiscal year .

Grant applications will be considered for those organizational requests that meet the mission statement of Heritage Foundation.

All Grants are subject to the availability of funds.

POP-UP Grants: 

$2,500.00 or less, applicable for organizations with a time-sensitive or smaller need.  This Grant may be applied for any time throughout The Woman’s Club of Jacksonville’s (TWCJ) fiscal year of June 1, 2023-April 30, 2024


$2,500.00 or greater with an application timely submitted between June 1, 2023, and November 17, 2023.  Subject to acceptance by the Grant and Scholarship Committee and TWCJ Board, this Grant will be awarded in mid-January, 2024 at TWCJ Anniversary Luncheon.

Scholarship Application

Applications are accepted annually between Feb 15th to April 1st

Women residents of Florida, maintaining a GPA of “B” or greater are eligible to apply for this scholarship as long as they are attending a not- for-profit accredited college or university in the State of Florida.

Each applicant will be required to complete a 1000 word essay discussing their aspirations,  goals, how they plan to give back to their community,  and any other comments on why they should receive this scholarship.

A member the Woman's club must personally know the applicant and provide  a letter of recommendation.